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How It Works

We strictly invest in multifamily assets in primary, high-growth markets with strong, data-driven fundamentals, including job and population growth.

Acquisitions & Due Diligence

Strict Investment Criteria

We have strict investment criteria that needs to pass several layers of due diligence and underwriting to even be considered for Investment.

We spend 100’s of hours looking at potential investments with our team that has decades of experienced in Multifamily acquisitions before we select an investment property.

Technology / AI

AI is rapidly transforming our industry and we use AI to help locate areas down to the zip code that are experiencing growth and investment potential

Market Data

We use the most powerful Real Estate data software from Costar during acquisitions and operations to make sure we keep ahead of the market trends.

Due Diligence

We believe in an extensive due diligence process to ensure we know every financial and physical aspect of the properties we are acquiring. We believe more work up front means less potential for surprises in the future.

Limitless Cash-Flow Strategy


Buy properties that
have a “Value Add”


Renovate and
Improve Operations

Cash flow

Cash Flow
& Appreciation


Cash Out Refinance
Investors Capital
(*Tax Free)

Limitless returns

With initial capital
returned enjoy additional
cash-flow, appreciation
and future cash-out

Investment Timeline

Year 1
During the renovation phase, we enhance the property by improving the
interior units, exterior, and amenities, thereby increasing its rental potential.
Buy a property in need of reconditioning
Year 2-3
In the stabilization phase we increase rents and stabilize the property for
increased cash-flow.
Year 4-5
Cash-Out - Refinance
We continue to steadily increase NOI through operations and incremental
rental increases. Between Year 3-5 (depending on market conditions) we
Cash-Out refinance between 80-100% of investors equity out tax free.
Our goal is to have 100% of our investors equity out by this time.
Year 5
Limitless Cash-Flow
With initial capital investment returned, investors continue to receive
monthly income (cash flow), property appreciation, and large cash-out
refinances every 4-5 years.
Disposition: Property disposition will occur when market
conditions are optimal.

Tax Saving Strategies

Real Estate

has many tax advantages that give you an incredible advantage and are supported by the IRS.

We Employ

three primary tax-saving strategies to enhance the yield on every dollar of income generated from our properties.