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What We Invest In

We invest in multifamily assets in primary, high growth markets with strong, data-driven fundamentals.

We believe Multifamily has numerous advantages including greater economies of scale that make it the superior real estate investment.

We use all the advantages real estate has to offer, from Value Add strategies to force appreciation in a short period of time, to tax saving strategies to maximize every dollar you get from your investment.

Why Invest In Real-Estate


Rental Revenue
Cash Flow


Steady rental
income covers the
mortgage payments


Real Estate values
increase over time
as rents rise


Leverage multiplies
the value of your


Numerous tax
advantages that yield
tax-free income

Why Multifamily Real Estate?

Housing  demand is at an all time high.  Our investment segment  is forecasted to have increased demand for the foreseeable future. As single-family homes become increasingly costly, apartments are emerging as a sought-after alternative, driving their demand even higher.

With leases renewing yearly we have control of your asset. We can raise rents and force appreciation through a value-add strategy.  Multifamily has so many ways to increase income and force appreciation in your property.

Apartment complexes offer reduced risk, as numerous quantity of units in one property  provide multiple revenue streams, ensuring steady cash-flow and more stable returns.

By consolidating multiple units in one location, costs related to acquisitions, renovations, and operations are significantly reduced. This structure makes it more efficient to invest, expand, and scale operations.

The Sterling Way
Invest Directly Alongside Top Real Estate Professionals
The Sterling Way
Invest directly alongside top Real Estate Professionals


We are a vertically integrated  real estate owner operator with the sole focus on providing best in class multifamily operations. We maximize our investors returns and provide an experience that goes beyond our investors expectations.

Invest Alongside Seasoned Real Estate Professionals with decades of combined experience.


We deliver monthly reporting on our investments, offering you a transparent and detailed insight into the progress of your investment.

We Invest Together

Invest Alongside Seasoned Real Estate Professionals with decades of combined experience.


We aim to be the best Multifamily Real Estate operators and investment managers in the industry, maximizing our investors returns and providing an experience that goes beyond our investors expectations.

Monthly Distributions

We don’t believe in holding your money. We provide monthly distributions on cash flowing properties.

Responsible Investing

We invest responsibly using fixed debt only, sustainable leverage, a rigorous due diligence process and assets only in first tier markets.

What We Do

Buy & Invest

We invest strictly in Multifamily Properties.
We buy properties in need of renovations below market value in great locations.

Reposition Assets & Increase Value

Through renovations, and management we raise rents which exponentially increases the value of the property.

Standardized Operations

We believe operations are key to great returns.
We have standardized operating procedures (SOP’s) we set to run each property efficiently and maximize returns for investors.


Once an asset is repositioned, we distribute profits monthly to our investors.